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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 17:44:23 free russian nudist pics +0000 From: Tony Subject: Rich and Me pt.7If you are under 18 please leave now.The following story contains male/male sex, if this likely to offend, please leave.This story is not copyright, it is given free of tie to Nifty. All comments to the end of part 6 the boys had just spent russian girls masturbating their first night in their fathers bed and he had told them that Uncle Tim and their cousin Ian were coming for the weekend............ "Rich and Me" part 7. As soon as Rich and I had finished our homework we joined Dad on the couch and he put an arm around each of our shoulders, it was years since we had sat like this. "This is good boys, sitting here relaxed with my two teenage sons and lovers" said Dad. "I hope you don't relax too much" said Rich, "Later on John and I will need our bedtime drink as we did last night. "I think I might manage a small drop for the two of you" Dad replied. "Judging by the size of these things there should be more than a drop, and there won't be any dirty glasses free russian porn mpegs to wash, we can drink it straight from the container" I said as I lightly squeezed his balls. Rich was already undoing Dad's trousers and sliding his zip down allowing us to feast our eyes on that beauiful piece of manhood, it was only about 6 or 7 inches but as soon as we boys kissed it the blood filled it bringing it to the glorious russian slut bitches 10 inch tower that we had made love to 24 hours earlier. As Rich took the crown into his mouth Dad pulled my head up to his and our lips met in the most sensuous kiss I porn privat russian had ever received. Everything about our Dad was 100%, last night he had allowed us to make love to the biggest and most beautiful cock you could imagine, he had given us a terrific busty russian amatuers amount of man milk before demonstrating he was in a class of his own as he sucked us both dry. Now he had given me a kiss to remember. Life couldn't get any better. "Do you think maybe we would be better off in bed" fuck sexy russian girl said Dad. "You better hold the old guy down John, he's getting russian girl vicky horny" said Rich. "Yes, just how we want him, I enjoyed the desssert we had last night do you think old guys like him can manage it twice in russian incest videos one night" I replied "Hey less of the old, there's nothing wrong with my amateur russian blowjob reproductive organ, I can produce more than enough to satisfy you two randy buggers with your tiny dicks" said Dad. Once we were xxx ru upskirt russian in the bedroom we boys were naked in a split second, it doesn't take long to get rid of shorts and a tee, since Rich and me started making love we only wore underwear to school, it made it so much easier to slip Richs' pacifier in my mouth or mine in his As Dad crawled up the middle of the bed between us we both reached for his weapon of mass destruction, at 10 inches we had decided to leave free russian incest pics it to Uncle Tim to provide a parking slot for it. "John, do you think we ought to prepare Dad for the weekend, maybe open him up ready for his little brother" said Rich "Do you guys mean what angel porn russians I think you mean, one of you is going to fuck his old man" Dad asked "Oh no Dad, we are both going to fuck you, Rich won't need any lube he will be sliding into my gallon of spunk and by the time he has finished you will be walking bandy legged" I said. Dad was a very willing lover and quickly lifted his legs towards his chest. I could hardly believe how tiny his rosebud was, almost as small as my lovely brother and as I slipped into him he gripped my cock like a vice and then used russian voyeur his muscles to milk me. He really surprised me, he made me cum in russians thong pussies only two minutes and then did the same to Rich. We lasted a little russian nude gymnast longer the next night and by Thursday we managed to last out for about ten minutes, there was no doubt that Dad could teach us a thing or two, each night he kept control for about fifteen minutes before feeding us with our dessert. On Friday evening Rich and I looked at Uncle Tim russian angels free porn in a different way, knowing that he and Dad would be sleeping together and doing what Rich and me usually did. Cousin Ian was the litle nude girls russians same age as me and wore glasses, a bit of a nerd really but the way he was dressed surprised us, he was wearing shorts which I think were a couple of years old and as he carried his bag up to our room we admired his tight round bum. "Do you want to clean up the shower is free, Rich and I showered before you arrived" I said. Once Ian realised we weren't leaving he stripped down to his boxers and went into the bathroom. "He doesn't look to bad, I wonder what his bum is like" Rich said "I think we are going to be celibate tonight" I said, russian sex free pics "I can't imagine cousin Ian doing anything remotely sexual, I think we better put him in the middle, if I'm near you I'm bound to sprout a hardon" We ate dinner in the kitchen and the two Dads let us boys have a beer each, then we filched another from the fridge as we saw to the dishes then we just sat around talking and russian xxx board watching TV. I saw the looks passing between our Dad and his kid brother so wasn't surprised when they suggested hitting the hay. "We sleep in the raw" said Rich "You can please yourself" Ian didn't answer but once under the sheet he wriggled his boxers off and threw them out. We soon had the lights out and said goodnight. I was just about asleep when I felt a hand on my dick, 'Oh that's lovely Rich' I thought, then did a double take, there russian taboo tgp was no way Rich could reach me.. I opened my eyes just a tiny russian free pics little to see cousin Ian gently stroking my hard flesh, not only that he had Rich in his other hand. "Do you do this to everyone you sleep with?" I asked quietly. "I'm russian cartoon inces really sorry" said Ian as he jumped, "I'll sleep on the floor, please don't hit me" "Who said anything about hitting you, I don't mind" I replied..."What's going on" said a sleepy movies illegal russian sex Rich from the other side of the bed "Our cousin seems to like our cocks, what made you do that Ian" "Well you both started cuddling me, it was obvious you thought you were hugging each russian metart girls other, you both russian free sex ics had russian anal porn an gay cute russian boys erection and for ages I have wondered what it would feel like to hold another penis so russian nudist naturist I just did it, then you woke up" said russian intercourse . "Are you gay?" asked Rich. "I'm not sure, I think I porn foto russian might be, I know I enjoy looking at other guys penis but please don't tell Dad, he will kill me" said free russian porno movies Ian "As a start you don't have to worry about your Dad, second, guys our age call these things a dick or cock, and third we don't mind you playing with us, we do it all the time. Rich and I touched russian xxx websites his cock at the same moment and we thought he was going through the roof "Calm down cock play is a two way thing, you play with us we play with you, what do you do with your cum" Rich asked "At home I've got a little towel, what do you guys do" "John puts his spunk in here" said Rich, pointing to his mouth, "And Rich puts his in here" I said pointing to my mouth. "Do you mean you swallow cum" Ian tiny russian porn said. "Of course, that's half the fun of cumming and man milk is to porn movie russian good to waste, would you like russian porn site ru us to suck you, we don't mind if you don't want to" said Rich. "Does it hurt, I'm a bit scared" said Ian "Of course it doesn't hurt, it's xxx russian girlz just like having a wank but it's russian school girl xxx our mouths instead of your hand" said Rich Without waiting for an answer we turned round and we started to lick him then as Rich slipped russian kiddy porn pic his mouth over the tip I used my tongue to give his ball sack russian girls paid for a bath, forum of russian angels Ian groaned. "What's wrong" I asked. "Nothing, I've never felt anything like this before, I will probably cum pretty quickly, do sex russian samples you want me to warn you" Ian asked "No it's OK, we will swallow it between us, we love it, russian nudes gallery we suck everynight" I replied "Rich and russian mature porn video I changed over every few seconds, Ian was very surprised when I took him right down to the root, he beautiful russian wives wasn't as big as us but he had a good six inches and was he hot, it was like sucking a sausage straight from the grill. Rich and I were in heaven, we were enjoying it but I wasn't sure if Ian was until I felt his warm lips wrap around my cock head. adult images russian redhead Then I watched as he moved to Rich but a few seconds later he gagged. "Don't try to take it all at once, it takes practice, just take as much as you can" I told him His cock started throbbing so I guessed he was very close, I had just taken over from Rich when Ian errupted, and as fast as he filled my mouth Rich took over, then back grandpa russian sex to me. It took several minutes before he was drained. "Bloody hell russian sexlist Ian, russian boysnude do you always cum like that" asked Rich. "Usually, doesn't everyone make the same, I must admit I haven't had a wank for about a week" Ian said. "We thought we were pretty good but that has us beat, you taste pretty good too" I said "What does it taste like" our russian gang bang gallery cousin asked. "Why don't you find out for yourself, just carry on sucking, we are pretty close, If you don't like it point our dicks at your russianpreeten chest and we will clean it off" said Rich My lover and I watched as our not so straight cousin slipped his lips over my cockhead, he was pretty good, I think he must 12yo russian nudes have taken lessons from a vacuum cleaner as it seemed he was trying to drag my balls up through my dick but just as I thought I was going to shoot he moved his lips to Rich. Then back to me again. This went on for several minutes russian boyz until I couldn't hold it any longer, my first two shots went into his mouth and the remainder on his chest as he moved his lips to Rich and swallowed eagerly. russian ladies marriage We looked at dirty old russian pussy his face sexy russian girls thumbs expecting him to look sick, instead he had a terrific smile, "Your cum tastes pretty good, I think I might need some more of that, can you cum again?" "You bet we can" said Rich, "Did you really like it?" I asked. "Yes, at first I thought I was going to be sick, not by the taste, but the thought of what it was but once I had the flavour I wanted more" said Ian. "I think we have found ourselves a cum hound" said Rich. "Looks that way, by the time he leaves russian off highway truck he will be full of it from the two illegal russian lollita sites of us" I replied. "I better get a towel to clean this off" said Ian. "You don't need a towel" Rich said, and we proceeded to lick our new partner clean. "Can we do that again" Ian asked "Well we can" Rich said "but there are other things, have you ever put anything in your bum" "Or have you ever thought about putting your cock in another guy" I asked. "I have heard about it, but surely it hurts, your dick is much bigger than my hole" "It looks that way but that russian girls pussy little hole between your cheeks stretches quite easily, we can show you if you like" I said and Ian nodded. Rich got onto all fours and I used my russian girl lorita thumbs russian incest pictures to part his cheeks, "See, it is quite tiny because he is tense but he likes my dick so he relaxes to allow me in" Ian was so surprised that he saw Rich's rosebud open up. "I will get him ready and then shew you" I said. I bent my head and put my face to my lovers entrance and licked it, "Oh fuck John, that is gross" Ian said. "Not really, we always make sure we are completely clean, I love the smell of my brother, I love him and the only taste is a bit of sweat" I said. Having made sure Rich was nice and moist I touched my cock against him and slid inside. Once again I thought Ian's eyes would leave their sockets. "How can you take fun russian boys that bloody great greek russian french sex thing inside you" he asked, "John must be at least 7 inches long and one and a half across" "The most important thing is I want him inside so I relax, then it doesn't hurt. John russian nude beach is not only my brother, he is my lover, having him inside me is the best thing I know" said Rich. "And I love having Rich inside me, the feeling as his beautiful cock slides inside me is fantastic, and then when he paints the walls of my rectum with his cum nude russian chick makes me cum as well, do you want to try it" I asked. Ian was erect russian boys so eager to take my place he nearly pushed me off the bed and if I hadn't stopped him he would have entered Rich in one move but then he settled into a gentle long stroke "Take your time and enjoy it, you are having your first fuck, make it last" I told him. From my position behind Ian my eyes were drawn to the beautiful pair of globes russian escorts that were pushing a cock deep into my brother/lover. There was no doubt about it, our cousin had a bum to die for and I wanted some of it, and what better time than the present while his thoughts were elsewhere. I dropped to my knees, used my thumbs to ease his cheeks apart and gazed upon his gorgeous virgin rosebud, leaning forward I kissed it and ran my tongue around the tiny opening. I was very surprised when as my tongue touched Ian he just opened up so I took a chance and pushed my russian schoolgirl gallery tongue inside. There was forbiden russian pix no reaction from Ian, he was still intent on what he was doing to Rich. I pushed my tongue further until I reached my limit and my nose was buried between his cheeks. I then had a bigger surprise, Ian lifted his head and said, "Go on John, do it" "Do you nude russian thumbs mean that" I asked, "It may hurt, I'm pretty big" "I don't care, I want you to do it, I need to feel you inside me" he answered. Not being a guy to look a gift horse russian cz jewelry in the mouth, I quickly lubed his entry and my throbbing cock and joined the two together. For the next fifteen minutes every time Ian drew back from Rich he forced himself onto my dick, I certainly wasn't complaining his love shute was hot and tight. Then with a big groan and one last massive thrust Ian unloaded into Rich and russian women swinger the clenching of his ring made dog eating russian pussy me unload into him. We rolled apart and none of best russian pornstar us spoke for at least youg russians five minutes and then I said, "Are you OK Ian" "No, I'm not" he said. "Why are you hurt, sore or what," Rich asked. "None of those, why insest russians nude didn't we do this years ago, how long have you two been having sex" "Only a little while, we didn't russian nude schoolgirls realise it but I have fancied naked russian news Rich and he has fancied me for ages, then one night I woke up and he was sucking my dick, I was over the moon, I had wanted to bare bottom caning russian suck him for a couple of years, we just went on from there" I answered "What do we tgp nudist russian do now?" said Ian. "Go to sleep, we have all had two ginormous climaxes, there is another day tomorrow" said Rich. "Yeah, but our Dad's will be around then, my Dad would have kittens if he knew what we were doing in here" said Ian "How do you know he wasn't nude russian female athletes doing the naked russian women same thing when he was our age" I said. "My Dad, no way, he is so bloody straight I think he has an iron bar down his back" We cuddled together and fell asleep. The next thing I knew was that my dick was being sucked and I russiankiddy was on the russian tiny sex verge of bathing someone's tonsils, it was Ian and as soon as I unloaded he moved across russian women who fuck to Rich never missing a drop, Rich had said we had found a cum hound, undeground russian tgp he was dead right. "When can you cum russian petites porn again, I want some more of that" russian guys naked said Ian "Not just yet but there is another source of supply in the next bedroom." said Rich. "What, our Dads, you must be joking" Ian said. "What would you say if I told you russian village maker my Dad used to shag his young brother when he was a teenager" I asked Ian. "Your Dad only has one brother, and that busty russian girl is impossible....i..i..isn't it?" Both Rich and I shook our heads. "Surely russian sex girls free you are joking, not my Dad" "They did it then and they still do it now" said Rich, "You aren't the only member of your family that had a cock russian cock naked in his bum last fuck pics russian night, how would you like to russian and tgp suck your Dad?" We crept into the other bedroom where two very hard porn russian guys were still asleep, lying on their backs russian xxx definition both sprouting terrific hardons. Rich moved to Dad and Ian went to Uncle Tim and slowly lowered their heads onto their big lollypops and gently sucked. "Oh Bob what a lovely way to wake up, it takes me back to being a teenager. "It sure does" said Dad. Then uncle Tim opened his eyes. "IAN, what the fuck are you doing, get off" he shouted. There was no way Ian was going to give up his prize and answer so I said, "Come on Uncle Tim, you like having your dick sucked and Ian loves sucking so just lie back and enjoy it" "Little brother, I've discovered during the last week that you can't win if these guys are determined, so just lay back and enjoy" said Dad. "How long have youi been sucking dick" uncle Tim asked Ian. Ian lifted his head long enough nudes russian pictures girls to say, "Since about eleven last night" "You are his third this morning" I said, "did you video russian girl realise your son is a cum russian escort girls hound, and by the way, he lost his cherry last night"..........I shook my dick up and down with a big grin on my face.TBC..........In UK, we nod russian private nude to say yes and shake our heads left to right to say no, anything else you don't understand please ask.All comments to those concerned took no notice of the warning at the top of the page and are still reading, remember, this is just a story, treat each other with respect and never hurt anyone, you have many years ahead of you....Love is spelt, L.O.V.E. not L.U.S.T.
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